Be Kind to Yourself this New Year

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Happy New Year!! I wish you as much warmth, health, wellness and creativity as is humanly possible.  Please be kind to yourself this season, especially if you are living where the winter is cold.  I find Tara Brach to be one of the most soothing, informative and helpful voices online…she talks a lot about being kind to yourself, which I feel we can never get enough of!  I just picked up her book “Radical Acceptance” from the library, and I am easing into it with joy, and feeling delighted to absorb the wisdom.  You can have a listen to Tara here, if you are curious.  I was away over new year at Lotus Heart Center, deeping my practice of self-love, and spending some time in silence, reflecting on the past year, and focusing my mind in the present.  Was so helpful.  What a difference just a little bit of self-care makes.  How are you being kind to yourself this season?

Much Love,