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At Move-N-Music, we use the arts to build a culture of mindfulness, healthy living, growth and integration.

Move-N-Music provides transformative and interactive performances and workshops for all ages and abilities, with a special focus on children and youth – in English and French.  We also provide professional development and adult programs.  Staffed by certified teachers and artists, we offer yoga and holistic music programs (singing, drumming and dancing).  Our programs are specifically designed for age-appropriate learning (both co-curricular and extra-curricular), recreation, health and community building.  We are rooted in Yoga, Folk Music and various African Drum/Dance traditions.

Contact Us:
Artistic Director: Marni Levitt B.Ed, B.A.A., B.A.Hons.
C: 416-910-3114
E: marni@move-n-music.com  
W: www.move-n-music.com
F: www.facebook.com/MoveNMusic
T: www.twitter.com/Move_N_Music 

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