Weaving Mindfulness into Everyday Teaching Practise

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by Marni Levitt Tuesday Feb.27, 2018


The more I reflect, the more I engage in a mindfulness practice myself, the more I feel the benefits in my own life and health, the more I know how useful it is as a tool in working with young people.  The magical thing about it is that whatever I experience, I can intuitively begin to share with a group of adults or kids.  Mindfulness helps me to be more tuned in to myself, in the present moment – and when I am more tuned in to myself, I am automatically more tuned into others.  The more I share mindfulness practice with children in school, the more I see the possibilities to weave it into our entire day, zooming in on little moments as they are available in our schedule.  Sometimes, it works to share mindfulness as a ‘stand alone’ lesson or program (especially to introduce the concept to a group), but the real power lies in its ongoing use and practice…even in little bite-sized chunks.  Once you have some tools in your pocket, some ideas, activities, fun practices to try with kids – then  you can pull out the one that best fits in any moment…. Lots of trial and error and needed here – when working with any group – to find the best possible combinations of activities and approaches.   Sometimes – the magic just happens – you are tuned into yourself, the group you are working with, and you wisely pull the best-fitting activity for a particular moment.  And when it doesn’t work – don’t beat yourself up – go easy – try something new the next time.  Be an explorer, an adventurer.  Its better to try than not to try.