Today I get to tell my story

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by Marni Levitt June 7, 2017

Today I get to tell my story.

My story of a journey to wellness, self-understanding, acceptance and, ultimately joy.

I have gathered my courage, and I am sharing.

I am stepping into my power.

I share the story of what I went through in 2007 in order to help other people who may be going through a similar thing.

I am already hearing back from people who are telling me their stories, and that my words are helpful to them.

Nothing is more rewarding than that.  I am grateful.

I once held myself back from dtruly being and expressing who I am, but I will not do that anymore.  The cost is too high for myself, and too high for the people whose lives I can impact.

So I share.

I share my story, and I share music.

It brings me joy!

I was born to create beauty, to sing, to share meaningful messages, to help people connect with themselves and each other.  I believe we are all born to create something, to create beauty in some way.  To be our true selves.

I believe that a healthy, happy life is available to every single one of us.  Sure, there are always obstacles.  BIG ones sometimes.

I have had my share.

BUT, a small step forward can lead to big positive results.

Wellness can begin with one small new habit.  Then another can be added, and another if you like, and so on.

Sometimes I sing to myself when I am building a new habit.

Helps the new habit stick in my mind, and then come out in my actions.

I am in process of writing 7 songs (for adults and kids) to serve as the soundtrack to your personal wellness revolution!  They are catchy tunes with wholesome messages to shift your mindset, inspire wellness and help you share moments of joy, ease and flow with your partner, kids, students or friends.

For me, the project is a labour of LOVE, a way to reach out to those I love, and to bring love into the world.

It is well worth the late nights, early weekend mornings, and little bits of time I can squeeze in when taking breaks from my other work.

There has been no blood.  BUT certainly there has been sweat, there have been tears.  There has been fear, self-doubt, and exhaustion at times while working on this creation.  But each time, I have picked myself up, been cheered on by great mentors, helpers and guides, and ultimately I have been supported by you.


I want to share the gift of music with you and your family.

With your help, I will create a professional high-quality audio recording of the 7 songs that you can download, or receive in CD format.

Your support of any kind (a contribution of any amount, sharing the message, encouragement) is welcome with open arms!

Here is the story.

Here’s to your health, your happiness, our joy.

I wonder what new story we can tell together…..





Marni Levitt B.A.(Hons.), B.Ed. OCT, RYT
Founder Move-N-Music
Wellness Educator, Animator, Speaker
Ignite the potential for your body and mind