Singing Relieves Stress!

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by Marni Levitt Oct.23, 2017

I am always amazed at what happens to my body and mind when I really get into some singing!  I was warming up my voice last week, before recording a couple of songs in the studio… I was yawning (lots of yawning!!!), and deep breathing, and making the highest sounds I could, and the lowest sounds I could.  I could feel my jaw start to relax and loosen.  (I tend to squeeze my jaw and grind my teeth when I am feeling stress…just one of my habits, I am sure some of you can relate with that!)  As I was warming up, everything started to loosen, and some tears even came out of my eyes (like the kind when you are having a good, hard belly laugh)…..and it just felt…GOOD – you know, it felt GOOD!  Once I started singing, even more oxygen started flowing through my system, and I got in touch with my abdomen as it expanded before each note I sang….ahhh…I started to feel even better.  If people enjoy the recording I made, and it helps them to feel good too, then BONUS!  But the whole process itself was lovely.  But don’t take my word for it! Give it a try, and sing, I say!