Marni's songs are so much fun for people of all ages. They are happy and uplifting and they make me feel like a kid again, singing and moving freely without inhibition. And they are catchy too! I find the songs and their positive vibes stay with me for hours and even days later.

-Sharon Vanin,
song circle participant  


"The songs today made me feel happy!"
- Laura, age 4

"The songs made me feel very emotional."
-Nolan, age 6

"These songs were uplifting and I look forward to using them in my class and with my children.  Thanks Marni!"
-Elana Cochrane, Teacher

We all had a great time and Bella was singing your gratitude song tonight at bedtime! It sinks in!!! Thank you!

-Kate Redford, parent 

"Just want to tell you that my daughter was singing the songs on Sunday at home and she knows the full lyrics I was amazed I guess what you said it's true even if the kids are not singing they are absorbing!!! Thank-you"

-Jolanta (parent) 

"The training had a perfect balance between ideas and activity.  I feel left with some practical tools I can use in the classroom to support children's well-bring, and also feel inspired to create my own tools for the future."

-Trina Rosenzweig, RECE  

"This training was an excellent foundation for introducing mindfulness and yoga for children.  It sparks creativity and adventure, while learning the mindfulness concepts."

-Anna Durante, Parent/Facilitator 

"This workshop resonated with my mind, heart and soul.  I am grateful to experience something so beautiful and life changing, surrounded by like-minded and inspiring people.  Deepest gratitude and love. I loved your relaxed and easy going style.  It really helped to spark my creativity and certainly that 'I can do this!' "

-Nicole Hambleton, Facilitator 

"I'm so happy I spent my Saturday taking this course.  Marni was very knowledgeable and provided a course this is both filled with information and practical skills!  My creativity and excitement to teach this has been sparked due to this course.  Thank-you!" 

"Marni is a wonderful instructor, very informative and passionate about yoga + mindfulness for kids.  The handouts are organized and easy to understand"

-Gosia Pytkowski, RECE

"This is crucial work for building a generation of empowered humans.  Our world needs it now more than ever.  Marni bring together knowledge and experience from so many synchronistic realms, and shares it in such a skilled and inspiring way.  A must for all humans."

-Steph, Community Song Leader of Sing For Joy 

"This program has been one of the most inspiring and affirming experiences I've had in some time.  I feel very grateful for this opportunity to learn."

-Steve Baerwald, Creator/Facilitator

"I certainly came home with some great tips and activities, which I have already incorporated into my teaching. In today’s quick-paced, technology-filled world we all benefit from movement, mindfulness, and time to breathe. At school it is easy to combine this in a drama/movement class. My grade 5 Drama students were better able to focus when I took my own time to slow down and breathe as I worked with them."
Kim Worobec
Teacher Librarian; West Prep Junior Public School

 My name is Sylvie and I'm  a professional  occasional  teacher with about 15 years of experience. I also work with children as a face painter and a clown.  I loved Marni 's practical  hands on approach to teaching.... I loved the opportunity  to learn and share mindfulness and yoga techniques     for working  with  children and sharing  stories with other teachers. I love the idea of a supportive mindfulness leader network/ community.  I can use what I  learned directly  when teaching  gym and drama.

-Sylvie Ducharme 
Occasional Teacher; Toronto District School Board


What others are saying:

"Awesome, inspiring + hands on. Good for me, good for my students"

"Amazing information/ insight - excited to implement these techniques!"

"I love Marni's singing, hands-on style and the way she demonstrates improvising from the heart."

“While you were singing that first song (Climb Inside My Boat), I just felt like, I felt like, I could use it, if I was ever in a moment, or if my son was ever in a moment, he gets angry sometimes, the song can really help as a reminder to take a deep breath, to relax – because the words just get stuck in your head and they can really help you. I loved it.”

- Shiri Lazarovici Rosenberg, Parent 

"I feel very reconnected and inspired today,
I feel full of gratitude for all the things we shared as educators. I feel just really enthusiastic and prepared to connect with my students in a very loving way."

-Kim Fiocca, Montessori Teacher

"I feel mostly motivated and inspired by the workshop itself, and all the tools and sharing that we had all together with all the people who attended the workshop. I feel full of knowledge and full of tools to bring and share what I learned wtih a child....Lots of parts were amazing...when you played music it was very powerful, also the documents are very important, to see the yoga poses (was helpful), so it was very practical."

-Sophie Schneider, Parent

"I really enjoyed how, having the students become statues, makes them feel with their whole body, the different emotions, to help them know how to feel and how to recognize body language, for different feelings, for themselves and others.  It really helps you feel it, its not just about the face.  Because you use the shoulders, the body, the position of the body parts, holding your shoulders high or low or really will help students understand other peoples' feelings when they see the whole body, not just focusing on the face.  Full body language and emotional awareness."

-Angie Martin
(Itinerant Health & Safety Planning Time Teacher WRCDSB)

“I had a great experience during the yoga worship because we learned about a variety of yoga poses and ways of incorporating songs that would make it a fun experience for children that
we work with. Overall it helped release a lot of negative energy in my body to let the calm energy in. Thanks!

Ryerson University Early Childhood Studies

“I had the pleasure of attending an evening conference where Marni facilitated a mind-body break at the mid-way point. The conference was engaging and chock-full of interesting and fast-paced talks. Naturally, by mid-way through the evening, the energy in the room was starting to wane as people reached their saturation point. Marni led us through an invigorating series of exercises including breathing, gentle movement, and sound - including a fun lightly competitive aspect between two teams. It was exactly what we needed to get our energy up, have a good laugh, and return to the conference ready to listen and engage.“

-Or Hargil, Art Therapist, Toronto

“Thank you for the super juicy meditation yesterday! I felt so connected with myself, but also so connected to everyone else's energy in the room. It was lovely.“


-Stefanie Fiore Web Designer and Creative Director, Crrumb

“Marni's class is wonderful!  Her gentle and playful approach put my all students quickly at ease as she led them through a thoroughly engaging class. She certainly is well-experienced teaching yoga to young children and the students responded beautifully. Thank you Marni!"


-Cecile Choi
Owner of WeeWarrior Yoga
Casa Administrator at Taddle Creek Montessori School second

“Marni has a real gift at finding great language and metaphors that are meaningful and that make mindfulness concepts truly accessible to young children. Through her fun and engaging activities my JK students integrated the many benefits of mindfulness and music with ease.”

“We want our son to be skilled at understanding, interpreting, and regulating his emotions so we were thrilled that Marnie could provide this guidance. Tanner looks forward to the sessions and seems to love having a dedicated time for connecting inwardly with himself. He enjoys Marnie’s metaphors, music, and fun approach.”


Junior Kindergarten Teacher, Sunnybrook School

“You should be a therapist as well as a teacher, because you made everybody feel better and think about how they are feeling and thinking, and how to feel positive with your songs.”


Queen Victoria Public School, Toronto

“Since 1978 when I first began to facilitate workshops and play music in the schools I always felt  that music is for everyone. It was my mission. Back then many of the  teachers I worked with were so shy to bring the simplest rhythms and song to compliment their curriculum. They had all kinds of inner stories that pointed the finger at them for not being enough of this or that.  It’s our birthright Marni yet many felt music was for the ones who had  better voices, better skills and better bodies. It was for the professionals, the ones who had currency in the “celebrity” realm.  It always pleases me to see that you are creating opportunities for young and old alike to thrive with all forms of rhythm, movement and melody.
-Jerry Brodey, Musician, Youth & Social Justice Advocate

I LOVED Saturday!  I left so inspired and motivated to spread the word of yoga and love & kindness to our littlest humans.
I played your song 'Move With You' to my kids yesterday.  I wish I could have recorded their reaction for you.  They really liked it!”

-Susan Bakshi


This was an excellent workshop to get me motivated to do more mindfulness + yoga asanas with my children and their friends.  You gave us so many fun and inspiring ideas to create a holistic program to 'reconnect our children to their hearts'.  I loved the music, transitions, group work.  I also loved the closing circle which furthered my resolve to continue along this journey with my children.

-Susan Bakshi


“We were interested in having our daughter introduced to Mindfulness. Our daughter responded well to Marni’s warm manner. The session helped our daughter to focus and be calm, and she learned breathing techniques that help her to relax. Thanks so much Marni!”

Kristen Lindell
Vocalist, Educator


I enjoyed the Move-N-Music workshop a lot!  It was very informative and hands on, meaning we got to move and try many exercises and games.  IT has a good balance between practical and theoretical.  Thank-you!

-Eva Asseline
Elementary School Teacher

“Hi everyone, Today I was lucky to get the opportunity to experience Marni’s artistry in front of a tough audience. Wow…simply amazing. Magnificent presence! It’s a memory that I will access when I want to smile, be centered, and stay calm.”

John Karrys Teacher

“Cash flow forecasting is an important skill for all entrepreneurs, so we planned a deep dive educational, hands on, full day workshop to teach them how to do it. We anticipated that some of our participants have a lot of anxiety when it comes to working with numbers, and we didn’t want that to get in the way of the learning. So we invited Marni Levitt of Mov n Music to join us for the day and conduct two body breaks plus a short fun, inspirational musical performance to end off the day. Marni did an amazing job helping people reduce their anxiety about learning a tough subject! And helped bring the group together through and reenergized them throughout the day with her music and mindful movement body breaks. Learning happens best when minds are open, bodies are centred, and there is a bit of fun in the air. Thanks Mov n Music for making this cash flow session, well, really flow!”

Petra Kassun-Mutch
Founder Liisbeth Magazine

"Huge thank-you to Move-N-Music with Marni for joining us at Camp Chimo! Marni had a wonderfully structured program beginning with breath work, then moving into guided dance, and finally transitioning towards instrumental. Our campers really enjoyed dancing in some new creative ways and learning to play the Djembe drums. The entire group was able to participate and worked as a team to get a rhythm going for the camp to enjoy. There was such a great feedback from campers and staff, we look forwards to working with Move-N-Music again."
Heather Rethy
Supervisor – East Area
City of Markham

"Your Mindfulness Presentation was extremely useful and relevant for my grade 4/5 Gifted class. The breathing techniques, the song and the story really focussed the students’ attention. Your presentation was relevant and useful to both the students and teachers. Thank you for adding a very useful technique to my repertoire of skills. I wish all teachers could have access to your resource. I will definitely be adding this technique to my classroom management repertoire in September. It will help me to start the year off really well.’
-Thanks Judy D’Souza, Teacher, Queen Victoria Public School

“Thank you for a beautiful, relaxing and friendly program for the seniors.”
-Shoshi Abadi, Director Sunshine Club

“Thank you very much once again for coming today. The program was very interactive, engaging, and fun! The energy you brought to the program was inspiring. Thank you once again.”
-Jansten Labagnao, Camp Coordinator -Bob Abate Community Centre

“Marni, it was so lovely to have you at Trails. You brought your beautiful passion, rhythms, and love for the drum to Trails. I don’t think we will ever forget it!
-Ashley Hamilton, Trails Youth Initiative

“Marni provides a gentle, non-judgmental, inclusive approach to Yoga and Drumming that was well received by our group of bereaved teens in our Leaders In Training program. She did a beautiful job catering her workshops to meet the diverse needs of our group, resulting in a positive and therapeutic experience for each individual involved.”
-Colleen Mousseau, Camp Erin Program Director

“Marni came to do a Yoga class with youth with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.  The class worked wonders on these youth by teaching them how to relax, be in the moment, and reflect.  Marni is wonderful and instructor whose calm energy is contagious.”
- Kim Dyment, MSW, RSW/ Family Social Worker: The York Centre for Children, Youth and Families

“Marni! I so appreciate and am grateful to you for your offering to lead yoga sessions during the retreat.  Your grounded presence and lyrical voice were wonderful to experience, and, my body was pleased to move.”
- Marusia – Spring Rain Sangha

“It would be my pleasure to give a testimonial on Yoga with Marni!  Our campers loved it and almost every one participated and seemed nice and relaxed afterwards.  Our campers have behavioural issues ranging from physical aggression to hyperactivity/impulsivity.  Also, some of our campers are highly anxious or depressed and internalize quite a bit.  Our staff found that your 1 hour session helped our campers to relax  mind, body and soul.  Your workshop worked so well with our campers that we are looking at ways to incorporate yoga on a weekly basis next summer.”
- Abdi Mohamud – Child Development Institute

“I observed Marni’s unique and creative way of engaging the children’s bodies and minds.  I saw how she developed relationships with each student, finding activities and challenges for each one at his/her cognitive and physical levels.  She also enlisted the creativity and leadership of the students as they contributed ideas to each yoga session.
I saw how Marni’s yoga program helped the children develop self-awareness, self-regulation, communication, social, cognitive and physical skills. I can see how Marni’s joyful engagement in yoga practise with the students promotes their functioning and enriches their lives.  I am confident that Marni’s yoga program, integrated with other art forms, will inspire and help children of many ages and abilities.”
- Vicky Prooday Occupational Therapist (Reg. Ont.) Toronto District School Board

"Marni’s Music will take your soul to the most places, it awakens your heart and makes you travel places, her organic and crispy voice is filled with pure live, it reflects who she really is.
-KINOBE  (musician)

"Marni sings from a pure and beautiful space of her soul, her lyrics are personal and filled with love, the music has a powerful and transformative effect.
-Nadia Stolpner, MSW RSW

"Thank you so much for inviting me to witness you perform. You were amazing!
I came across this quote…it made me think about the last song you sang and my emotional reaction to it:
“Whatever we are waiting for…peace of mind, contentment, grace, inner awareness of simple abundance…it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart.”
Thank you for reminding me that one must be gentle and kind to oneself before being able to truly receive all that awaits us!
- Candy Keillor (Pilates Instructor)

"I had such a lovely time at that event! I had never heard you perform before and had no idea you are so talented! You have a lot of depth to your voice but that it still has a softness to it.  I definitely remember your voice! It has depth, and softness, and you sing with a lot of feeling. Your voice is quite unique- I haven’t come across such a unique blend of softness, soul, intention, and depth in one voice!”
- Leah Breslow