1. Q – Do you provide Yoga workshops? Mindfulness workshops? Singing workshops? Dance workshops? Music workshops? What exactly do you offer?


  • Move-N-Music programs provide a tailored, custom-designed blend of creative cultural arts (singing, drumming, dancing, storytelling, dramatic play), and holistic arts (yoga and mindfulness). What makes our programs unique is the fun, hands-on, inspiring and creative approach to learning how to achieve greater mind-body wellness in your personal or working life.


At Move-N-Music we believe that everyone thinks and learns in their own unique way, and we are happy to custom-design the right blend of learning modalities to help introduce you, (& your family, staff, clients, co-workers, students or campers) to mind-body wellness practises, and to achieve lasting results.



  1. Q- Do you offer presentations as well as workshops?


  • In addition to hands-on workshops, Move-N-Music provides small and large group presentations (including interactive presentations with hands-on elements), conference relief (such as ‘mind-body breaks’), and public speaking on a variety of wellness-related topics.


  1. Q- Does Move-N-Music offer events?


A- Yes.  Move-N-Music offers fun, educational, local, affordable community-building events around themes of health, wellness and empowerment.


  1. Q- Do you provide programs for children only? For adults only?


  • Move-N-Music programs grew out of a decade of experience with young children in public school, and have expanded to include adults and families. Some programs are geared specifically for children and teens, some specifically for adults.  We also offer programs for the whole family, where adults can learn fun alongside their children, and gain inspiring ideas on how to integrate mind-body wellness into daily family life.


  1. Q- How are your programs different than therapy? If my family members are                                             already working with a therapist, why would we need this type of program?
  • Move-N-Music provides educational programs, not therapy; programs are less expensive than therapy, and also a good compliment to therapy. The programs are empowering and accessible, because they give you (& your family, staff, clients, co-workers, students or campers) some great, reliable tools to achieve the healthiest life (and work) possible. Programs can also provide an excellent preventative medicine, helping you (& your family, staff, clients, co-workers, students or campers) take advantage, and make use of the latest and most effective tools for mind-body wellness.



  1. Q- How do I know this ‘mindfulness’ stuff really works?


  • There are countless scientific studies (create a hyperlink to a webpage, I have to find a good webpage, can we do it later?) now that demonstrate the reliable benefits of mindfulness. Mindfulness has been proven to improve attention and concentration; to help decrease stress, anxiety & depression; to increase relaxation, positive emotions and calm; to create psychological conditions for collaboration, creativity and innovation.  I have observed countless incredible, almost unbelievable results in my own life, and in my work with adults and children, due to mindfulness and mind-body practices.


  1. Q- How much does a program cost?


  • Programs are based on group rates. Programs are priced by the half-day or full-day (for schools, camps, organizations and workplaces), by the session (for families), and by the event (for conferences, seminars, festivals, birthday parties).  Prices range anywhere from $250.00 to $750.00, depending on the complexity of program, the number of artists or teachers involved, level of custom-design and planning time, and travel time from downtown Toronto.  $250.00 is the most common cost for a program.



  1. Q- Do you provide discounts for multiple program bookings (ongoing programs)?


A – Yes we do.  For an ongoing (reoccurring) program of 6-weeks or more, we provide a 10% discount on regular stand-alone program rate.


  1. Q- What is included in a program?


  • These elements are included:

-A free 20-minute discovery phone-call to assess if a Move-N-Music program is right for you or your organization

-Standard or custom-design multidisciplinary program

-On-site delivery

-Instruments, yoga mats and other creative materials included in price or offered for a minimal rental fee

-Leave-behind information sheets and resources to continue with wellness practise once program has ended

-Expertise on: yoga, mindfulness, traditional African cultural arts, singing, song-writing, integration of arts into Ontario Curriculum, arts and wellness life-skills practice, spirituality and social innovation

-5% discount on any Move-N-Music community event provided with any program booking



  1. Q- How do I book a program?


  • Simply call 416-910-3114, or email marni@move-n-music.com with your program needs. To speed up the process, simply fill out our booking request form, which will be forwarded directly to us so we can answer your questions.  We will then send a quote, which you can accept before we work together!


For families, please fill out our intake form so we can design a program around you family’s strengths and needs.


  1. Q- Is a deposit required?


  • A 50% deposit is required to secure your program and preferred date(s).


  1. Q- What payment methods do you accept?


  • Payments can be made by clicking a Paypal link on the Programs page of the website, by interact email transfer to marni@move-n-music.com or by mailing a check to Move-N-Music #1 333 Grace St. Toronto, ON M6G 3A8