Mind-Body Breaks:

‘A mindful ice-breaker’
'A fun introduction to mindfulness'

Workday, or conference relief program to facilitate networking + team-building, to promote wellness + productivity


Conference Relief: 20min/session
(multiple sessions available)

Workday/Lunch N Learn:
45min/ session
(multiple sessions available)

Training + Professional Development: half-day or full-day
(custom programs available)


Free 20-min. Phone consultation

For a quote, or to book a call,
contact marni@move-n-music.com 


This program breaks the ice and gets the blood flowing and oxygen moving! It helps build heightened focus and sense of calm.  This interactive program adds creativity and authenticity to your conference, lunch and learn, or workday event. It is designed to provide a break from the workday, or from sitting and listening to presentations.  It is designed to help people tap into their innate ability to connect with themselves and others in an authentic way, with an optimal 'frame of mind' to facilitate flow in work, networking or problem-solving.

Mind-Body Breaks is also a fun introduction to mindfulness: participants gain practical tools to use every day to re-calibrate a healthy mind-body relationship, reduce stress, increase productivity and wellness.   


Activities include combinations of:

-Gentle Chair Stretching
-Guided Relaxation
-Guided Visualization
-Breathing and Sound-Making Activities/Contests
-Gentle Movement

Private Mindfulness Coaching

Decrease stress, lead authentically 

Simple listening, breathing, stretching and movement activities, along with guided mindfulness and visualization.  Learn to tune in to yourself, forge a connection between the mind and body and build awareness. Maximize wellness, reduce stress and increase productivity in your life and work.

Free 20-min. Phone consultation

For a quote, or to book a call,
contact marni@move-n-music.com