Breathing Activities for Kindergarten!

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by Marni Levitt
Oct. 18, 2017

Yesterday I had the chance to offer some breathing activities for a large group of about 60 kindergarten students during a phys.ed. class.  It was towards the end of their gym class, and the other teacher I was working with was trying to get the students’ attention…which was pretty challenging because it was such a large group of young kids who had been running around and being hyper!  He was having a hard time regaining their focus and attention.  I asked him if I could offer some breathing activities, and he said “sure!”.  So I did! We did “breathe in both hands up, breathe out both hands down”, “roll your arms forward breathe in, roll your arms backwards breathe out”, “shoulders up breathe in, shoulders down, breathe out”….we did “take 5” breathing (in for 5, hold for 5, out for 5).   We did bunny rabbit breathing and snake breathing too. What a difference!!!!! By the end of the 5 minutes or so of breathing combined with body movement, the energy shift in the room was palpable!!  More calm, more relaxed, more focused.  As a teacher, I felt that too, within my own body and mind.  So it helped all of us!!  After that, the teacher could move on to sharing the next activity.  Breathing turned out to be the perfect thing needed for a transition.  Parents, ECEs and teachers, I am sure you know how important transitions can be!!!  Mindfulness and breathing are not magic pill solutions for everything, BUT, sometimes, they sure can make a huge difference!! You never know what the results are until you give it a try.  I dare you to try today and see what happens!