About the Founder

Marni Levitt B.A.(Hons.), B.Ed., OCT, RYT Wellness Educator, Animator, Speaker

Marni has 20+ years’ combined experience as a Performing Artist, Public School Teacher & Yoga Teacher, along with degrees in Education and Broadcasting. She is uniquely positioned as a modern-day wellness guru, guide and cultural animator. Born out of transformative personal and work experiences, Marni’s highly innovative programs aim to light a spark to inspire people to reorient the relationship between their mind and body.  Marni has worked with hundreds of children, families and organizations across the GTA. She offers programs in English and French, for adults and children of all abilities.



To use arts, culture and creativity to move and inspire people to greater mind-body awareness, health and growth.


To be a source of leadership, motivation, and inspiration for a revolution in mind-body awareness, health and growth.

About the Company

Our unique, and well-honed multi-disciplinary approach blends
Mindfulness, Music and Movement in fun, energizing new ways to inspire people to take their first step on the path to mind-body re-orientation, and to achieve lasting impact and results. Through workshops, presentations, training and coaching, we inspire businesses, conference participants, leaders, families, organizations, schools, summer camps and more to:

  1. Expand capacity, creativity, communication, cooperation, growth, learning
  2. Decrease stress and increase wellness
  3. Stay ahead of the trends, lead authentically and stand-out

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