15 Easy Ways to Integrate Mindfulness in Daily Life – by Marni Levitt

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1. Take a few more deep breaths during your day and see what happens

2.Take a deep breath, hold it for a couple of seconds, then let the air out slowly (like letting the air out of a balloon – you can even purse your lips)

3. When you are walking to the bathroom, try to notice exactly how each footstep feels as your foot touches the floor

4. When you are in the bathroom, turn your attention to the sensation of the warm water on your hands as you wash your hands (try this with dishes or housework)

5. At the computer, inhale while rolling your head to the right, exhale back to center, then repeat on opposite side

  1. At the computer, inhale bring shoulders up, exhale bring them down and back; and reverse: inhale bring shoulders up, exhale bring them forward and down.
    7. If standing at computer (or waiting in line at bus or grocery store, etc…) shift your weight from side to side, and forwards and backwards


8. Develop a short (5-10min) sitting practice in mornings on a cushion: close your eyes, focus on the feeling of air going in and out of the nostrils, the rise and fall of the abdomen, the sensation of the body making contact with the cushion; don’t worry if your mind wanders, just gently bring it back to the present

9. Entice yourself to sitting practice: it takes time to develop a new habit, be kind to yourself, reward yourself; bring a hot mug of tea or coffee to the cushion and just sip it slowly for 5min, paying attention to the warmth of the mug and liquid (that can be enough for some days!)

10. If you start to become aware of your thoughts or feelings more than before, (even thoughts that are negative or make you uncomfortable), BE with them, make friends with them, accept and embrace them… over time they will hold less power!

11. Dedicate time each day and each week to unplug from electronic media

12. Dedicate a certain amount of time to ‘doing nothing’ every day, even if it is just 5min

13. Simplify regular weekly routines: try walking instead of driving to the grocery store (if you have to go anyways, may as well get exercise and practice mindful walking)

14. When possible, balance time on the computer, with time off the computer; thinking time with physical time; alone time with social time


15. During meal times, take a couple of breaths, and look at your plate of food before eating; pay attention to the smell, texture, taste of the food; as well as the sensation of chewing


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